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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4

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Publisher : Ultrawave Multimedia Studios :: Facts
Date Added : 4/1/2008
Released : 2/26/2010
File Size : 647 KB
Platform : Windows (all)
License : Demo
Limitations : No
Price :
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Downloads : 1774
User Rating : Rated 1 in 24 Vote(s) :: Read It
Our Rating : N/A


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Accurate and easy to use software guitar tuner, that works in a similar way to a digital pocket tuner that you would find in a music shop. This tuner supports Asio v2 and has an audio monitor built in to make tuning easier. The tuner can be set to different keys, and it displays what notes each string should be tuned to for the selected key.

Release Status: Major Update Changes: Support for USB Asio drivers has been added. Help button added to the Asio section of the options. New Asio setup and tutorial section added to the he


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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4

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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4


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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4


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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4

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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4

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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4


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Ultrawave Guitar Tuner v1.4

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